About Loch Ewe Salt & Seaweed

We are a sea salt and seaweed company based on Loch Ewe in the beautiful North West highlands of Scotland.

Our products are high in quality and mineral and element rich. We produce and sell sea salt, seaweeds and products containing these ingredients like our delicious burger range. We feel that for healthy nutritious food you need look no further than our wonderful seas and coastlines, so allow us to cater for you and your family’s dietary needs so don’t accept anything but L.E.S.S!

After discussions about work and careers and some deep thinking, we edged towards the possibility of starting a new business together in the salt and seaweed industry.

Having received great help and support from our amazing families we are now venturing forward into an exciting new era producing healthy sea salt and seaweed from one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland.

Getting back to basic healthy eating, without putting rubbish in our food is something that both Jackie and I are very passionate about.  However some of Jackie’s health issues have improved since taking seaweed in her diet and we can’t wait to get out there and promote it to people.

Why our customers choose Loch Ewe Salt & Seaweed

Our sea water is collected by a tractor and trailer in big containers before being taken the short journey to be evaporated leaving us with beautiful Loch Ewe sea salt.

The seaweed is carefully hand harvested in a sustainable fashion to ensure we are picking the best quality whilst making sure the crop remains healthy and bountiful.