New Stockists – Laide Shop and Post Office

The Lovely Debbie at Laide Shop and Post Office – go to their facebook page always a giggle.

Laide Shop and Post Office is a fantastic store that stock a range of goods you normally would not see around here and they have taken our stock with delight.

What better gift to take home than an actual peace of Loch Ewe Salt and Seaweed.  Even better its good for you and you can eat it anyway you like.
Laide Shop also stock all our products Wrack Seaweed, which I love, sprinkle seaweed on fruit and yoghurt in the morning.

Kelp seaweed with any Juicing recipe you follow.

Poppy and Mixed Seaweed Bread topped with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of Wrack is just beautiful!!  I could go on forever, it just excites me so much that we can take natural plants in our food and get more minerals etc than trying to get it all in tablet form or eating huge amounts of something that will never give you the same goodness as eating L.E.S.S

Share the benefits with us enjoy!! xx