Where to find us

Loch Ewe Salt and Seaweed look forward to seeing you at any or all of the dates below.

So excited there is a new Market happening this year up at Scourie!!!

Let the good times roll and if you are not out and about then we are online just waiting for your visit! x



June 2019

13th Scourie Market 10am-2.30pm
18th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am-2.30pm
22nd Ullapool Market 10am – 5,00pm
25th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am-2.30pm
27th Scourie Market 10am – 2.30pm
29th Ullapool Market 10am – 5.00pm


August 2019

6th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am – 2.30am
8th Torridon Market 10am – 3pm
13th Poolewe Tues Market 10am-2.30pm
20th Poolewe Tues Market 10am 2.30pm
22nd Scourie Market 10am – 2.30pm
27th Poolewe Market 10am – 2.30pm
31st Ullapool Market 10am – 5pm


October 2019

1st Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am – 2.30pm
3rd Scourie Market 10am – 2.30pm
8th Poolewe Tues Market 10am – 2.30pm
15th Poolewe Tues Market 10am-2.30pm
22nd Poolewe Tues Market 10am -2.30pm
24th Torridon Market 10am – 3pm
29th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am -2.30pm

July 2019

2nd Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am -2.30pm
6th Ullapool Market 10am – 5,00pm
9th Poolewe Market 10am -2.30pm
11th Torridon Market 10am – 3pm
16th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am- 2.30pm
20th Ullapool Market 10am-5pm
23rd Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am-2.30pm
25th Scourie Market 10am-2.30pm
30th Poolewe Tuesday Market 10am – 2.30pm

September 2019

3rd Poolewe Tues Market 10am – 2.30pm
5th Scourie Market 10am – 2.30am
10th Poolewe Tues Market 10am – 2.30pm
12th Torridon Market 10am – 3pm
14th Ullapool 10am – 5pm
17th Poolewe Tue 10am – 2.30pm
19th Scourie 10am – 2.30pm
24th Poolewe Tuesday 10am – 2.30pm
26th Scourie Market 10am – 2.30pm